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Coronavirus (COVID -19) - Owners Information

Coronavirus Important Information for Owners

A message for all Owners | 17th May 2021

Following the recent announcements from the First Minister for Scotland, it has been confirmed the Moray area will remain in Level 3 restrictions, whilst the rest of Scotland will move into Level 2 on Monday, 17th May.
Holiday home owners from outside of Moray are asked to adhere to the guidelines and not travel into the area for the next seven days.
We are currently awaiting the written confirmation so we can advise in further detail for what it means for us on park and will be sure to update you as soon as we can.
We appreciate this is a concerning time – we have teams monitoring the latest advice and will be sure to update you in more detail as soon as we are able.

Exclusively Owners

Exclusively Owners FAQ’s

Updated 17th May 2021

The governments of England and Scotland declared further national lockdowns on the 4th January 2021 and all non-essential businesses were required to close from the 5th January 2021, this included “caravan parks/sites”. As such we have followed the government’s instructions and are unable to open the park until the governments permit us to do so. In England this will be reviewed no earlier than the 15th February 2021 and in Scotland not before the 1st February 2021. The park will then be subject to the respective government’s tier or level system. If the area in which the park is located is placed into tier three or above in England or Level four and above in Scotland we will remain unable to open the park.

We will continue to update these FAQ’s as and when the situation changes. For the latest Government advice please visit the website.
No, unfortunately not. You should follow government guidance and self-isolate at home. We must notify the authorities of anyone arriving at the park after the 5th January 2021.
No the park has been instructed to close by the Government to all visitors, whether holiday home owners or holiday makers. Please do not travel to the park until the government expressly permits the park to re-open.
No the park is closed. If there is an item you need urgently the park team will support you, please speak to a member of the team. Once the park re-opens you may visit subject to the tier system or other implemented rules and regulations.
Yes – please be assured that there will still be security on park and we will be patrolling regularly. Should there be any problems with your holiday home we will be touch with you.
Yes, there will still be a team operating and practising social distancing on the park. If you need anything please call reception or the normal security number for your park.
Our maintenance team on the park can do this for you. Please contact the park and make them aware, do not travel to the park.
We will be guided by the Government as to when the park is permitted to re-open. We apologise for any disappointment and really hope we can welcome you all back soon.
Unfortunately, no. Please defer any maintenance jobs unless you feel they are urgent, in which case please contact our park team where we will try to help. Once the park is permitted to re-open both the park and individuals will likely be subject to the tier system rules.
All the holiday-home manufacturers have stopped their after-sales and warranty park visits so if you do have a job outstanding, please be patient as it may take a little longer than originally envisaged.
We do not intend on turning off the utilities to your holiday home.
Anything that is due to you will be paid. The park is closed, so we won’t be welcoming any new holidaymakers for the foreseeable future. As soon as this advice changes, we will let you know.
All owners should follow the government advice and return to their home as soon as they are able to do so. If you have any concerns regarding this, please speak to the team on the park.
You will need to inform them that the park is unable to open as per the government’s legislation and they will no longer be able to use your holiday home during this period. You may want to offer them alternative dates later this year or next year. You may also want to enquire with your insurance company as to whether the current situation is covered by your policy.
Yes your holiday home must be insured at all times, we would recommend notifying your insurer that the park has closed.
Yes you do. Whilst we recognise the frustration that people will have with making a payment and not being able to utilise their holiday home, it is important that both you and the park continue to honour their contractual obligations. The park continues to provide a location for your holiday home and is maintaining both the grounds and security of the park. Should you require assistance then please contact the park to discuss your individual situation.
Contact your finance provider directly and ask if they are providing assistance. We are aware that some providers are assisting.
We provided a goodwill gesture for the first period of national lockdown, we have also passed on the benefit from the rates holiday as well as the benefit from the potential difference in VAT rates for both pitch fees and food and drinks. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide anything further. Please check your account and ensure that you are able to benefit from the credit available in relation to the difference in VAT rates. If you have any questions on this please contact your park directly.
The park has made use of the Governments furlough scheme and has furloughed some of our team members have been furloughed until we are permitted to re-open. We have retained a team at the park to ensure the park is maintained and secure. Where we have received a rebate for rates we have passed this onto holiday home owners.
No, the park is not being compensated, either through insurance or the government for the imposed closure of the park. The income that we would normally generate at this time of year has been removed, yet we are still incurring a large amount of fixed cost; this is indeed a challenging time for us all.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the vast majority of our holiday home owner community, who have been incredibly understanding throughout this unprecedented time. We are doing our best to keep our holiday home owners and team safe and secure, whilst also recognising the challenges being placed on the NHS and other health services in the communities in which we operate.

A message for all Owners | 4th January 2021

Despite hoping for a better start to 2021, sadly we are once again in a national lockdown from Tuesday 5th January until the start of February, when the lockdown will be reviewed. Our FAQs for owners have been updated with the latest information so please take a look for the latest information.

We know this is disappointing for everyone, but we remain hopeful that we will soon be able to welcome you back to your holiday homes for a much-needed break.

A message for all Owners | 20th December 2020

Following the First Ministers update last night you will be aware of changes to the guidance  surrounding Covid-19 which will impact plans you may have for the festive period.

With this in mind, here at Silver Sands we remain under the current Tier system in place until 26th December when Tier 4 guidelines come into effect across Scotland and we will close as per below:

We are subject to following the Government guidance at all times, which as we have seen in the last 24 hours, is liable to change. It is important we all take responsibility for understanding how this latest guidance affects as individuals and keep up to date with the latest advice which is in play at any given time. As soon as anything changes for us at the park, we will be sure to let you know.

Again, we thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Yours Sincerely,
Exclusively Owners Team

A message for all Owners | 11th May 2020

Following the Government’s announcement on the 10th May about the ongoing national emergency and social distancing restrictions, we are really sorry, but our parks will remain closed at this time. We are continually monitoring the situation and should this change then we will update you as soon as we can.

We know how much you will be missing using your holiday home and we miss you just as much, but it’s so important that we continue to follow government advice which in England is, stay alert, control the virus and save lives and in Scotland is Stay Home, Save Lives and Protect the NHS.. We will still be here to give you a very warm welcome back just as soon as it’s safe to do so.

As frustrating as it is for all of us, unfortunately our owners are still not able to stay on or visit the park during the closure and we would respectfully ask that you continue to follow the Government advice and do not travel to visit the park.

For those holiday home owners that privately let their holiday homes, you will need to advise anyone who has a booking prior to 1st July that the park is closed and sadly they are unable to holiday with us during that time.

We will continue to update our FAQs for owners as developments emerge and we will be in touch as soon as there is something new to report. If you have an emergency, then you can contact the park’s security mobile.

We recently released a video update for owners from our CEO Andrew Howe. If you haven’t seen the update you can watch it here. Please keep an eye out here for further updates.

Please continue to listen to the Government advice and we hope to welcome you back to your holiday home in the not too distant future.

Exclusively Owners Team
Bridge Leisure Parks

A message for all Owners | 26th March 2020 (2pm)

We are sorry but we are now required to completely close the park as of today. You will probably have seen or heard that the Prime Minister declared a National Emergency last night. Among the many instructions he issued was the closure of many businesses including “caravan parks/sites” – that includes us.

Owners will not be permitted to stay on the park during the closure and should follow the Government advice to stay home. We understand there will be Police enforcement of this directive and we will need to explain any occupation of caravans or pitches at the park.

For those owners that privately let their holiday homes, we will be advising anyone currently on park that they need to leave within 24 hours. Please do not take any further bookings between now and the end of May and please advise anyone due to arrive at the park during the closure that they will not be allowed on site.

We appreciate that you will have questions about the next steps, but right now our priority is to help people vacate the park quickly and safely. We will contact all our owners as soon as we can to answer any questions you might have but please help us manage the situation as efficiently as possible by not calling or emailing us at this present time. Please see below some FAQs to help with some likely worries and concerns you may have.

These are alarming times for us all and we are so sorry to be issuing this update. Regrettably we have no choice. Please help us by doing what the government has ordered.

Exclusively Owners Team
Bridge Leisure Parks

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