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Marine wildlife spotting in Moray
Get up close and personal with some popular visitors to our shores

Marine wildlife spotting in Moray

Put simply, Scotland is a haven for wildlife – and wildlife lovers.

From the red deer in the Galloway Forest Park to the sea eagles of the Isle Of Mull, Scotland is home to a remarkable array of creatures, many of which are extremely rare. But you don’t have to travel the length and breadth of this spectacular country to up close to some of the more uncommon species.

The Moray region, where our holiday park is located, is also one of the most popular areas for wildlife spotting, especially those of the marine variety.

From its starting point near Inverness to its end where it heads out in the North Sea, the Moray Firth is the largest firth in Scotland and covers nearly 500 miles of coastline. It is fed by a number of large rivers including the River Ness, which flows from the rather famous Loch Ness.

dolphin in moray firthSo, what wildlife can you see here?

One of the most popular residents in these waters are bottlenose dolphins. The Moray Firth’s colony is one of the most northerly on the planet.

The bottlenose dolphins here are also larger than you might think, with some adults measuring almost 13ft long, some 5ft larger than many other specimens. This is down to a higher percentage of blubber on their bodies, designed to help combat the colder waters.

One of the best places to see them from land is Chanonry Point near Fortrose. However, for an altogether more personal encounter you may wish to jump aboard one of the many boat charters and wildlife cruises that run up and down the Moray Firth.

As well as bottlenose dolphins, the Moray Firth is also home to the second largest fish in the world – the basking shark! These enormous yet graceful creatures regularly patrol these waters but don’t worry… they are only interested in the tiny plankton which they filter through their huge gaping mouths and gills.

In the summer months you may also be lucky enough to spot minke or pilot whales which are fairly frequent visitors when the temperature increases.

For more about the local wildlife, why not visit the WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay.

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